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International Conference on Systems Biology | ICSB 2016

Abstract Submission Deadline: June 1! International Conference on Systems Biology | ICSB 2016 As the official organizer of International Conference on Systems Biology, Tilesa Kenes Spain is pleased to welcome you to Barcelona, Spain and to offer… ICSB2016BARCELONA.ORG http://www.icsb-conference.com/congress-information/general-information/


  • The International Society for Computational Biology _____________________________________________ Conferences http://www.iscb.org/iscb-conferences _____________________________________________ Mission The International Society for Computational Biology is a scholarly society dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of living systems through computation. The ISCB communicates the significance of our science to the larger scientific community, governments, and the public at large. The ISCB serves a global membership by impacting government and scientific policies, providing high quality publications and meetings, and through distribution of valuable information about training, education, employment and relevant news from related fields. Vision The International Society for Computational Biology will measurably advance the worldwide awareness and understanding of the science of computational biology. As an authoritative society that represents the bioinformatics and computational biology communities, the ISCB will be the most respected and reliable international non-profit organization representing this community. Ultimately, membership in the society will be respected as an essential demonstration of personal commitment toward the advancement of computational biology. Values The International Society for Computational Biology values the following as imperative in conducting the business of the Society toward serving the scientific community and public at large. Quality: - Of the highest level in scientific publications, education and conferences - Achieved through collaborative interactions and research Ethical behavior: - Through scientific integrity and the highest level of professionalism - By choosing collaboration over destructive competition - By seeking win-win personal and Societal solutions - By acting responsibly to avoid conflicts of interest or appearance of such conflicts - By never allowing personal bias or potential personal benefit to damage the Society’s interests - By standing for furthering public health and the respectful handling organisms and human specimens Diversity: - By initiating efforts toward greater internationality of the membership, in leadership roles, and through outreach activities - With awareness and respect of differences in culture, geographic origin, affiliation, gender, age, level of expertise, and area of scientific research Service: - To our members, Society leaders, and staff - To the scientific community and public at large - Through human relationships - With efficient and effective use of resources - With a commitment to the application of computational biology for the benefit of humankind Open Communication: - With transparency - With honesty - With respect for one another - Through active listening - By seeking and utilizing feedback in self evaluation and decision-making - With openness to change Last updated as part of the 2003-2006 Strategic Plan. #
  • JCVI Cloud BioLinux image enables scientists to quickly provision computation infrastructures supporting bioinformatics using cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus.   Upon deployment users will have instant access to a host of software including BLAST, glimmer, hmmer, phylip, rasmol, genespring, clustalw, the Celera Assembler, and the EMBOSS collection of utilities.  JCVI Cloud BioLinux is built on a 64-bit instance of Ubuntu virtual server customized with bioinformatics packages from the BioLinux repository, and will be updated periodically. http://cloudbiolinux.org/   #

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